Mihov Picture Downloader

Major program features
  • the program works in batch mode and it doesn't need your help in between
  • download all the pictures from a page that has links to pictures (i.e. thuimbnail page) with one click
  • advanced engine for building links and spidering web sites
  • view the image right after it has downloaded in the preview window
  • download pictures from more page at once: by downloading a page that has links to other pages that link to pictures
  • rename downloaded image if an image with the same name name already exists, rename file names with invalid windows characters
  • delete empty downloaded files, the user can select the minimum image file size so that the file doesn't get deleted
  • create custom lists of pictures to be downloaded
  • download images, photos, pictures or a series of other file formats: jpg, gif, png, htm, html, mp3, avi, mpg, rm, ram, swf
  • open lists of images from files and save the lists to files
  • connect to sites that use password protection
  • use proxy server if needed
  • history of sites that you have previously downloaded from
  • command prompt parameter usage
  • sites for demo downloading
  • step by step help for the most common actions plus online forum for FAQ
  • setup with install and uninstall features


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